WGP Group 3 Finals Math: Who Can Go to Australia?


  • Group 3
  • July 7th – August 6th
  • FIVB World Grand Prix Round 1
  • Schedule/Results

With two matches remaining in the Preliminary Round, which teams still have a chance for the Group 3 Finals in Australia?

Hungary – 4 wins-0 losses, 12 points (have clinched a Finals berth)

Hungary clinched their ticket to Australia with a win over Mexico today. Mexico can still tie on wins and points, but they cannot match Hungary on the sets ratio tiebreaker.

France – 4-0, 11 points

France with their win over Cameroon all but booked their ticket to Australia. If France wins 2 sets on Saturday or Sunday, they would clinch with a better sets ratio than Mexico. As Mexico and Venezuela play each other on Saturday, if Mexico loses, France would clinch their position in the Finals.

Venezuela – 3-1, 10 points

A win on Saturday against Mexico would clinch their spot in Australia. If they lose, Venezuela would still be ahead of Mexico on points, while tied on wins. With a win over Hungary or a Mexico loss to Algeria, Venezuela would advance to Australia.

Mexico – 2-2, 6 points

Mexico must defeat Venezuela. A 3 or 4 set win would give Mexico 9 points and Venezuela 10 points, and tied on wins. A 5 set win would give Venezuela 11 points and Mexico with 8 points, but they are tied on wins. Mexico would then have to beat Algeria and have Venezuela lose to Hungary. If Venezuela wins on Sunday, combined with the Mexico win on Saturday, Mexico is eliminated.

Australia – 1-3, 3 points (hosts)

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