WATCH LIVE: Korea & Poland Meet for Best Pool Record in Group 2 of WGP


  • Group 2, Pool H2
  • July 22nd
  • Suwon, Korea
  • Group 2, Week 3
  • Schedule/Results

Regardless of the result, both Korea and Poland will appear in the Group 2 final six. However, with both teams atop the Group 2 table, the winner will take first place in overall and come out of pool play at 8-1.

Korea got to this riding a six-match winning streak after splitting its first two matches of the 2017 FIVB World Grand Prix. It’s the longest winning streak for the Asian side in the competition, as Kim Yeon Koung has emerged as a leader for this team, scoring 18 points in yesterdays match.

The Polish side have been dominant in their seven victories, with six coming in straight sets. So far this weekend, they have yet to concede one, as they search for a 9-0 week in sets for the second time in the 2017 tournament. Their lone loss came to Korea, as they fell in four sets last weekend.

Beyond all the hoopla, this match also represents the de facto Pool H2 championship, which provides the winning nation a nice sum of money.

Watch the full live video below:

Editor’s note: Video not made available in the United States. If you are not in the United States, but an error in YouTube’s geolocation service is still blocking your access, you can use a program like TunnelBear to redirect to the proper country.

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