Venezuela May Have Significant FIVB Fine

With the Venezuelan women’s volleyball forfeiting both of their matches in the Group 3 Finals of the World Grand Prix, the Venezuelan Volleyball Federation may be be facing significant fines from the FIVB.

According to the FIVB Disciplinary Regulations 2017, released on May 5, 2017, Venezuela twice violated rule 24.6 Obstruction to the start of a match.

CHF are Swiss Francs, and at CHF 1=US$1.05 exchange rate, forfeiting the first match could lead to a
fine of $21,142. However by forfeiting the second match as well, it could double.

Volleymob estimates that the World Grand Prix Group 3 prize money that Venezuela was due to earn was $35,000, if Venezuela had played in the Group 3 Finals. So, the prize money won would not potentially cover the fine if it doubled.

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