This Man From Aligarh Has Dug Up Several Ponds Restoring Ground Water And People Are Asking For His Help

Our country is reeling under severe water crisis. If things don’t get better soon, we might run out of ground water very soon. Water scarcity is so bad that people are fleeing homes in search of water, as groundwater depletes and taps run dry. World’s sixth largest city, Chennai, is going acute water crisis. If we want to save water, we need to act fast and one such man who is doing his bit to conserve water is Rinku Sharma.

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Rinku Sharma has dug up around a dozen ponds in villages of Chandaus block in Aligarh to conserve water. “We started this about 8-9 years ago as ground water level was decreasing continuously. Now people come to us seeking help and ground water level has increased in the area”, he was quoted to as saying by news agency ANI.

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