Russian Volleyball Federation Has Right To Limit Players’ Participation

With some Russian players who refuse to play for a Russian team, the Russian Volleyball Federation (VFV) has the right to limit the participation in the Russian Championships for those who refuse.

In 2016, with the Olympics on the horizon, Dmitriy Muserskiy on the Russian national team was not punished for his refusal to play for a Russian team.

“The Federation has the right to limit the participation of athletes who do not have the right to compete for the Russian national team or they refused to do so. This is not an innovation, and this is not a threat to those who refuse to speak for the Russian national team,” said Alexander Yaremenko, the general secretary of the VFV.

He went on to mention that all players should have to sign an agreement on whether they will or will not play for the Russian team. If they were to choose not to play for the Russian team, they could not be punished for that – due to the contract – but their participation in the tournament would be extremely limited.

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