FIVB to Aid In New Elections for Volleyball Foundation of India

The Volleyball Federation of India has been involved in a long-standing saga with the FIVB, dating to VFI elections in 2013 and 2016 and a general council meeting in 2015.

As last notice, the FIVB required the VFI to supply documentation on the official member list, roll call for the elections, etc., by a June 30 deadline in order to set up a new election in 2017. The FIVB provisionally suspended the VFI in December, then demanded the documentation in a letter in May.

Both the VFI president and VFI secretary have responded in different ways to the request for a new election, despite the earlier decision by the Delhi High Court.

“We respect FIVB, our world body and we will face the elections,” VFI secretary general Ramavtar Singh Jakhar said. “But at the same time, we would like to know what will happen to the elections held in 2016, will it not be a contempt of court? Why is FIVB taking the initiative all of a sudden, when they failed to send a three-member committee to India not once but twice? Who will decide the voters’ list?”

Meanwhile, Nandhakumar, secretary of the Karnataka Volleyball Association, who represents the VFI president, is thrilled with the results.

“It’s a great day for Indian volleyball. It is a good development for the welfare of the Indian players,” Nandahakumar said. “VFI will have a new body, which will be transparent,”

It appears the next step is for the FIVB to send an observer to India, and a lawyer who will advise the official on the necessary elements for an election under Indian law.

The new VFI elections are set for August.

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