Chinese Volleyball Prodigy Zhu Ting Vows To Be “Better”

After being named the 2016 Rio Olympic Games MVP and Best Outside Spiker, Zhu Ting still thinks she can do better.

The 22-year-old Chinese volleyball star rated herself at 65 out of 100 percent, believing she still has all the room to improve.

“Yes, there is room, I can be stronger,” said Zhu. ” I have learned a lot from my teammates and the top-level professional players in the Turkish league since joining Vakifbank. Hopefully my team will get better physically and technically so that we can be well prepared for the challenges ahead.”

Joining Vakifbank for a year long contract, Zhu signed a deal for $1.2 million (USD). With the contract, she became one of the highest paid female athlete in any sport.

Zhu has recently been named one of the top 10 Chinese athletes of 2016 by Xinhua News Agency.

“I am really honored to be selected,” Zhu said. “Actually, I was kind of struggling at the beginning of the games, but fortunately I could play better and better thanks to the help and encouragement from my coach Lang Ping and my teammates.”

Zhu is very comparable to Lang Ping, who was the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games MVP. Ping was also the first person, male or female, to win Olympic gold as both a player and a coach.

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