Bulgarian Coach Not Happy In Spite of Team’s 3-2 Win Over Serbia


  • June 2nd-July 8th, 2017
  • Event Page
  • Schedule//Results
  • Round 3
  • Cordoba, Argentina
  • Group G1

In spite of his team’s 3-2 win over defending World League champions Serbia on Saturday, Bulgarian coach Plamen Konstantinov is not satisfied with the outcome. On the other hand, Serbia coach Nikola Grbic knew that he needed to back off some of his stars and give them some rest before they head into the start of the Final 6 in 2 weeks’ time – with most of their fate already secured by seeding.

“In any case, Serbia will try to win. They’re not going to let us win, so we were prepared for this, but, I’m grateful for the victory, and I’m not so happy about the way that we lost the 4th set,”said the Bulgarian coach. “We had a comfortable lead at the end of the set, and we lost so many possibilities to finish the set and win the match and win the 3 points.

“This is the main problem for the moment for our team. We don’t have stability. In some moments we play really great volleyball, and after, we are making a series of mistakes, so on this we need to work.”

With only 2 points from the 5-set win, Bulgaria has left themselves in need of much help heading into the final day of the tournament. Not only do they have to beat Argentina, who is playing their best volleyball of the tournament in front of a home crowd this weekend, but also they need 3 of  Belgium, Poland, Russia, or Canada to lose.

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See the full video, including interviews with both coaches, below:


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