Brazil’s Ricardo Lucarelli Slams Down Point After Insane Rally (Video)


  • June 2nd-July 8th, 2017
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  • Final 6
  • Arena da Baixada, Curitaba, Brazil

In a rally that never seemed to end, with amazing digs and the crowd willing the play to go on, Brazil finds themselves on the winning side of an amazing point.

Brazil took down Russia in a hard-fought five-set battle to advance on to the semifinals of the World League. Plays, like the one below, are what brought the host team to their success at the tournament. Brazil’s Ricardo Lucarelli Souza never gave up in the match and on this particular post, having a free swing at the net, crushing the ball to the floor to win the rally. In the match, Lucarelli dominated the floor with a match-best 25 points.

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