2017 World League: One match for last spot in the Group 1 Finals

After a crazy day of results, which had 6 teams fighting for 3 spots, it is now down to the final match of the Intercontinental Round. Bulgaria vs. Argentina.

Russia with their win over Iran, clinched their ticket first in the day. Canada needed to wait after their win over Italy. Canada was already at 5 wins, but needed a loss from Belgium and Poland to clinch their berth to Brazil.

The USA needed Belgium to lose, which Belgium did in 3 sets to France. The USA also had to beat Poland in less than five sets to overtake both Poland and Belgium. Poland on points and Belgium on sets ratio as they were all tied at 4 wins. The USA came back from a 1-0 set deficit, and even a 4-point deficit in the 3rd set to win in 4 sets over Poland. This eliminated Poland and Belgium from the Finals and sent Canada to Brazil. The USA still needs one more miracle though, which is out of their control.

Bulgaria is at 4 wins currently but at 10 points. A win will place them at 5 wins and eliminate the USA who only has 4 wins. A win would have Bulgaria finish the Intercontinental Round in 5th place and Canada 6th. If Bulgaria loses, then in spite of the same number of wins, they cannot match the USA point total of 14 and the USA gets the last ticket to Brazil.

Argentina who has nothing to play for, did upset Brazil yesterday 3-1, and it may require them to do the same against Bulgaria.

One interesting note from last year’s World League is that Bulgaria are playing in the final match of the Intercontinental Round. Last year their win over Australia kept them in Group 1, but a win this year will get them to the World League Finals.

The match starts at 3:10PM U.S. Pacific Time, 6:10PM U.S. East Coast Time, and 7:10PM local time in Cordoba.


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